Ethos & Values

The academy’s key objective, to significantly improve student attainment will be achieved by establishing a Quality Assurance model which transforms the quality of teaching and learning; giving students choices which are enjoyable and relevant to future progression, helping to raise their aspirations and the rigorous use of data to inform the quality of lessons and set ambitious, but realistic targets and support effective monitoring.

Absolutely central to the success of all of these will be the support of Delta Academies Trust core team and, the support and collaboration of Delta Academies Trust other academies in the region. The organisation of the academy will fully respond to students’ prior knowledge, experience and skills, supporting some students, challenging all students to do their best, academically, socially, artistically and in the sporting field.

All Key Stage Three (KS3) students will enthusiastically participate in a common curriculum to ensure that future opportunities and progression are maximised, with additional support provided on an individual basis. At Key Stage Four (KS4), all students will have access to a broad range of options. These options will enable every student to successfully achieve a qualification in an Applied Learning course, as well as achieve success in a number of demanding and rigorous academic studies. At post-sixteen, every student will have access to a range of courses utilising provision across all of Delta Academies Trust academies.

Coupled with target-setting and supportive, but challenging mentoring – and outstanding teaching, students will be fully able to make the most of the progression routes beyond the academy into training, education or employment. The Sponsor’s vision is one of transforming the present to shape the future; to create a community of students and staff working harmoniously together, highly motivated to be the best each can be, sensitively collaborating together to produce confident citizens who will make the most of their abilities and have the confidence and skills to take full advantage of every opportunity a changing world will offer.

Working together with other Delta Academies Trust academies, Goole Academy will be a centre of educational excellence, where no individual is left behind and where all students of any age or background are provided with the support to become responsible and successful citizens. It will raise every student’s aspirations and achievements through the provision of excellent teaching, strong pastoral support and access to an outstanding curriculum. Supported by its ethos, the academy will seek to support all students, their families and the wider community to take advantage of the educational, sporting and cultural opportunities which this new academy will provide, which will promote increased personal and community growth.

The academy is based on the values and principles of the sponsor, and together with its clear ethos it is:

• an institution with high expectations both for the individual and where there is a collective responsibility for raising community aspirations;

• a caring school, based on social responsibility, honesty, equality and consideration for others;

• a highly successful academy, where self-help, self- determination and self-improvement are encouraged;

• an innovative and energising centre, which develops lively and enquiring minds, for both students and staff;

• promote inclusion, rather than exclusion, which will work in partnership with local agencies to offer a personalised curriculum for all;

• promote courtesy, co-operation, enterprise and initiatives and where tolerance rather than intolerance is practiced; 

• at the centre of the community, as a resource in its service to others and in promoting community and social cohesion.

The academy promotes the values of:

• Self-discipline

• Responsibility

• Honesty

• Hard work

• Setting high aspirations

• Trust

• Co-operation

• Tolerance and respect for others.