Numeracy & Literacy

Upon entry to Year 7, pupils with the lowest literacy skills receive additional support with literacy. These students receive this additional support through one-to-one tutors, teaching assistants, the LRC manager and additional subject specialists within lesson time. These students also receive literacy support during tutor time, where they use Accelerated Reader and Lexia to assist with their reading. This support continues into Year 8. 

Regular testing/monitoring takes place to create a focus on specific literacy needs. This allows us to keep learning passports updated which, in turn, supports students across the curriculum. 

​All students in the Academy have access to Accelerated Reader where they are able to complete quizzes based on the books that they are reading. In addition to this, they have access to MyOn so they can read books and quiz remotely, whilst reading at home.

Every child at Goole also has access to Hegarty Maths, an online numeracy programme. Pupils in Years 8 – 11 are set specific tasks to complete every week as homework. Enrichment activities allow all pupils to complete their homework and, in addition, pupils can complete extra activities of their choice whenever they wish. All tasks involve self-marking questions and a video explaining the key concepts.

In 2020, Goole Academy pupils answered over 1 000 000 questions. Less than 100 people worldwide have completed all 925 tasks on Hegarty Maths; 3 of them are from Goole Academy. Students in Year 7 and 8 have access to Sparx which is used for their homework. Because of its adaptive programming, Sparx provides every student with a personalised learning experience that is challenging but achievable for them.

Pupils identified as falling behind age related expectations are offered after school intervention and also benefit from additional small group tuition during maths lessons.