Admissions/Transition 2024

The closing date for secondary applications is 31 October 2023. Once this date has passed, please contact the School Admissions team.

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Students will be measured for their uniform during their transition days in July which will then be sent out over the summer.  There are also Uniform pop up shops at the academy on the 27th July and 17th August (10:30 – 14:30) should you wish to purchase additional uniform

You can also find additional information about uniform by accessing this link:  Uniform – Goole Academy

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Twitter: @deltagoole

Telephone:  01405 504000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get a map of the school when we start?

Great question!

On your first day of school you will be given your student planner, there is a map of our academy in the planner.  We also have maps around the site to help you find your way, there are always staff about who can help you.  The older students are all happy to help you as well.  Don’t worry though, you’ll find your way around very quickly.

Which entrance do we go through?

You enter our academy through the Year 7 gate on Centenary Road, we expect pupils to be on site by 8:20 at the latest so you can be sat at your desk for your first lesson starting at 8:25

How much time do we have to get to classes?

Students are expected to take the most direct route from one lesson to another and not hang about, we have a big site so it can take  a few minutes to walk from one lesson to the next.

Will we have our own lockers?

Lockers are available for you to rent should you need one.

What shoes do we need to wear?

Shoes need to be black & polishable, with no embellishments.  Our full uniform policy can be found by following this link: Uniform – Goole Academy

We would both like to know if you offer sports competitions?

We have sports teams that enter competitions e.g. football teams, we have House competitions such as sports day and also sports activities available through our Enrichment programme.  You will get much more information about these when you start with us in September

How long does breaktime and lunch last?

Breaktime is 15 minutes long and is at 10:25.  Lunchtime is 30 minutes long and is at 12:30.

How much does lunch cost? 

A meal deal is the best option in terms of cost, this costs just under £3 at the moment.

Do we need to bring our PE kits on certain days or can we leave them in school?

You will be given a timetable, you will be able to see when you have PE.  Students will bring PE kit with them on those days and take it home with them at the end of the day.

Can we bring our phones in school and if we can then what time can we use them?

Phones are not allowed at any point during the school day, if they are seen or heard they will be confiscated.  However, we recognise that students may need them on their way to and from our academy.  Students are to make sure their phones are switched off and in their bags before they cross the blue  line at their gate.

Will we be sitting on tables by ourselves, or will we be sitting on tables with somebody?

You will sit in rows of four students in most classes, some are groups of four.

How many more different subjects are there in high school than in primary school?

You don’t study many more subject at secondary than primary, you do study them all  the time however.  Check out our subject information packs on the transition page

Where do we leave out bikes if we want to cycle?

There are bike sheds at the Year 7 gate, you leave them here when you arrive on site. 

What is the head of Year 7 called? 

The Head of Year 7 is Mrs S Shaw, you will meet her during your transition days.

How do you use the library?

Our LRC (library) is open to Year 7 from 8am most mornings and again at the end of the day.  You will also have one of your English lessons timetabled in there as well.

When do you need to bring/read your book in high school?

You bring it everyday as there are many times where you will need it to read.

What trips do you go on in Year 7?

There are many opportunities for trips in Year 7, you will get more information throughout the year.  This year trips have included a visit to York, sports trips, a poetry competition and music events.

Do they change the menu everyday or does it stay the same everyday?

The menu is set for a term, we are currently designing a new menu, you will get more information about this in September.  You will also be given the chance to have a school meal during your transition days next week.

If it is a rather warm day can we take our blazers\ jackets off?

Yes – the Principal will e-mail staff if this is the case.  If you are unsure ask a member of staff.

How many classes do you have?

You have 5 lessons a day, these will all be different subjects, below is a table summarising how many hours of each subject you will have every week:

Subject Hours per week Subject Hours per week Subject Hours per week 
English MFL (French) Performing Arts 
Maths PE Music 
Science Art & Design EPC (Ethics, Philosophy & Citizenship) 
Geography Design Technology Computing 

We would like to know what we should do when we can’t find our class.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of people around who will help you.  You will also have a map of the site in your planner and a tour round when you visit us next week.  You will quickly learn your way around.  You can also check out our virtual tour here:

We would love to know all of the teachers names and maybe how hard you think the maths is! 

We have 72 teachers at our academy and many more support staff, you will get to know your own teachers pretty quickly.  There are several key staff for Year 7, you can learn a little about them here:

Maths, like all lessons will be planned to match your ability, they will be challenging but not too difficult and your teacher will be there to support you if you need it.

What would happen if we can’t find our classes and don’t get there on time?

You will be given a site map and there are lots of staff and students around who can help you.  If you are more than 5 minutes late to a lesson a C4 Other detention is set for the following day.

What time should we be on the grounds for along with what time is our first class?

Students are expected on site by 8:20 at the latest.  You are expected to be sat in your seat ready to start period 1 by 8:25.

What after School Clubs are available for Year 7’s?

There are plenty of Enrichment opportunities for you to try, check out the Enrichment programme for this term to get an idea  Enrichment – Goole Academy

What stationary do we need to bring?

We expect students to bring the following:

  • Black pen
  • Green pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

We would ask students to bring:

  • A scientific calculator
  • Protractor
  • Highlighter(s)
  • Rubber
  • A compass