Business Studies

Our BTEC Business Enterprise Level 2 Tech Award curriculum will give the students an opportunity to:

Research and Design

  • Engage in an iterative process of design and making;
  • Undergo primary and secondary research techniques into a range of clients’ needs;
  • Identify and solve their own problems and the problems of specific clients and target market groups;
  • Develop products that respond to the needs of clients in a variety of situations;
  • Develop and communicate their design ideas using a business plan and sales pitch and business proposal.


  • Select from and use specialist digital media tools, techniques, processes to produce a planned product;
  • Market and pitch a business proposal to a client;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of and Enterprise and marketing.


  • Investigate new and emerging digital technologies;
  • Personal project work, analysing how the product fulfils the requirements of the specification and the user’s needs, wants and values;
  • Recognise how their product can be modified to better meet its intended aim and target audience.

Why study Enterprise?

Enterprise is all about how to work as an entrepreneur and begin a new, successful business idea from nothing.
Students examine a range of real life enterprises as well as planning and implementing their own entrepreneurial ideas.
This is an excellent course for any students that are not only looking to have their own enterprise in the future but would also like to acquire some valuable, transferable life skills.

What will I study?

Component 1 Exploring enterprises, looking at the skills and characteristics needed to start a business.
Component 2 Planning and running an enterprise, students pitch and plan their own business idea.
Component 3 Promotion and finance for entrepreneurs, students explore promotion and advertising for their chosen business idea and use financial documents to help them succeed

How will I be assessed?

Students achieve GCSE grade pass, merit or distinction.
Component 1 is coursework worth 30% of overall grade.
Component 2 is coursework worth 30% of overall grade.
Component 3 is an exam worth 40% of overall grade

What skills will I need?

The course is designed to encourage an investigative approach to some real world questions. Skills used include: data analysis and interpretation, group work, individual research, planning and report writing. Students will make extensive use of IT and Google online facilities. Enthusiasm about the world of business and real world entrepreneurs is key to success.

What happens in lessons?

All of our lessons are varied and students play an active role in driving their direction. Over the course lessons will include:
• Working as a group to examine a business scenario
• Role play considering different perspectives of stakeholder groups
• Independent research activities
• Developing your own enterprising business ideas
• Taking part in business visits and talks from real business people