Language Nut

Language Nut is a fantastic online resource used by our MFL department to set online learning and homework. The website is an excellent tool for different students to be set work, as well as having the opportunity to explore key themes, important vocabulary, and play different MFL games.

All students will be given a username and password by their MFL teacher, and these will be written into their planners. Usernames are the first name and the surname initial, so John Smith would be JohnS. Passwords can’t be changed by students, so it’s really important that these are written down. If passwords are lost, your child can get in touch with their MFL teacher who can access this information online.

To access the website, please click here. This will take you through to the log in page.

Students should then enter their username and log in information.

Students will have the following box on the left of their screen. If homework has been set, the Assignment box will have a number next to it, linked to the number of tasks that your child has to complete.

We encourage students to explore the different areas of the website – all of the categories allow you to practice the four core MFL skills – reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Students can complete activities, assessments, and play French games!

The vocab trainer area is a great place to practice key vocabulary, and it is divided into the different themes that your child will be studying in their MFL classes. There is also excellent exam skills for our KS3 and KS4 learners, as well as GCSE specific content. Pupils can complete work at their own pace without having assignments set, so it is a great revision tool for our learners!

Pupils can earn points and medals to recognise the hard work that they are putting in to learn more French, and we like to celebrate our Language Legends who put the most work in each week. Be careful though – to keep it competitive, points will disappear after 30 days! These points will give a student a global ranking, and show them how their progress and learning compares with every other student that uses the platform! It also contributes to our school’s global ranking. 

There is a smartphone app available on Android and Apple, but this does not allow students to explore the website – only to complete assignments set by their MFL teacher.

If you have any questions, please encourage your child to speak to their French teacher.